The only 30 round AR-15 magazine loader that can fit in an ammo box


MORE Capable

Doesn't get forgotten on your work bench, collapses to be half the size and travel with you to the range while still loading a full 30 round magazine.


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It's fantastic

"The P365 Front Rail Conversion, It's fantastic. Along with the fact that I can now add accessories, it also acts as a rest for my support hand thumb. The 365 doesn't leave a lot of room on the frame, but the rail conversion adds just enough meet to get a good purchase. Well Done! "--Steve A.

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couldn't have been easier

"I've only used the product to load 8 empty mags that I had sitting around from my last trip to the range, but that process couldn't have been easier, or more rewarding, and it really left me feeling good about the decision to buy from Six Axis." --Emilio A.

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more time shooting

"I just got back from range trip. Loaded 500 rds with ease. Spent more time shooting less time loading. The magnets and folding features are awesome. I kinda want to keep it a secret but I will spread the word This thing is awesome Thanks for inventing it." - Jim F

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ingenuity and quality

"I gotta say I am really impressed with the ingenuity and quality you put into this. I'm impressed. Definitely above my expectations 👍 Glad I didn't cancel my order keep it up. I look forward to new products you come up with." --trixxs75

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works perfect

Recently purchased "The Mag Feeder"... I just wanted to say my experience with you all was fantastic! Item shipped incredibly fast, product works perfect, and price beyond reasonable.
- Cheers from one happy customer, Mark S.

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Having sold over 3,000 units in our first year with zero returns we pride ourselves on quality and customer service!



Compact And Capable

The Mag Feeder has overcome the limitations of size by folding up compact to travel with you to the range, while still maintaining the ability to load a full 30 round magazine.


100% Magazine Compatibility

Designed to work with all brands, and styles of magazines regardless of size or material composition. If it fits in your AR-15 Rifle The Mag Feeder can feed it!


Always in the right place

Drop The Mag Feeder in your range bag, ammo box, rifle case. No matter where you want to put it the chances are it will fit and will be ready to use when you arrive at the range.



4 Magnets embedded through the design for easy of use and to keep parts from becoming lost. Plus magnets are just cool!

To the Range and Back

Designed to be as compact as possible but still load a full 30 round magazine.


How to load 30 rounds

Step 1.

Insert The Mag, into The Mag Feeder.

The Mag will latch into position, much like when inserting mag into AR-15 Magwell.



Dump Rounds, into loading tray.

Dumping the rounds into the tray on the opposing end of The Mag will aid in Step 3.


Align Rounds, 1-2-3 rounds at a time for a faster load.


Push Slider, toward the mag.


Remove The Mag, depress mag release button, pull the mag out.


PEWPEW, Empty the Mag!! Stay safe and have fun shooting!


Q: What Calibers and rifles will this work for?

A: The AR-15 platform cambered in .223, 5.56, or 300 blackout. More calibers and rifles to come...

Q: What will The Mag Feeder be made out of?

A: A high grade nylon filled polymer to match or exceed high grade magazines currently on the market. 

Q: Will it fold itself and put itself in an ammo box like the animated picture?

A: No, sorry no motors or sky hooks to make it do anything on its own...but maybe one day. 

Q: Can I order more at the level I already pledged?

A: At this time once the spots are filled they are filled, if spots open up or we are able to add more spots we will first notify anyone on has subscribed to updates.

Q: When will The Mag Feeder ship?

A: Now! We have fulfilled all preorder and are shipping every day as orders come in!

Q: What colors will it come in?

A: At launch we will have black, then we will send out a poll to subscribers to get the next color option.